In innovating this recipe, the founder wanted to maintain the integrity of the flavor and the freshness of the pepper.

The goal was to have a fresh pepper always available for ease of use for the cooking aficionado . By simply popping open a jar one has a secret ingredient that will wow dinner guests and keep everyday meals tantalizing.

This has been achieved without any preservatives, flavor enhancers or any heating or cooking process. Yes, the miracle of nature…

Origin of the Recipe

The recipe of the Original flavor sauce originates from an island off the East coast of South Africa. This island is called Mauritius and its population has origins from India, Africa, China and France. The mixture of these ethnicities on a compact 2040 km2 (787 mi2) island has resulted in its cuisine having a unique unmatched variety of flavor and spices.

a chilli pepper company has built on the Original sauce by introducing more flavors such as our organic  Garlic and organic Ginger as well as taking methods to new levels resulting in our refined high quality product that we have today.

Our Garlic flavor veers more towards the French influence of Mauritius and so pairs perfectly with French and their Italian neighbors cuisines.

Our Ginger flavor has the Chinese influence of Mauritius and so pairs wonderfully with any Asian cuisine.

The current recipes of a chilli pepper company use locally sourced fresh ingredients to minimize carbon footprint, to support local farmers and business and to ensure the highest quality sauce.

Our hot peppers, garlic and ginger are fresh and have never been frozen which makes our company very unique. These fresh ingredients also maintain their original fiber content in the sauce and unlike regular hot sauce, our solids are not separated from their liquids so there is no cooking process to produce unnatural sugars.

Origin of the Pepper

The logo for this company is actually a photograph of a hot pepper grown organically in California by the founder of the company. The plant of this hot pepper was grown from seed. That seed was brought into California from South Africa and the seed was taken from a hot pepper that was picked off a plant grown organically in South Africa. That plant originates from a seed that was saved from a hot pepper that the founder selected from the highest quality hot peppers that had the most intense flavor and heat.

The hot pepper in our logo is a first generation Californian American and proud to be so.

Today, a chilli pepper company maintains the same high standards in sourcing the freshest chili peppers and only the best are used.


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